My Year of Wild Art: Day Ninety-Three

Another toasty day, warmer indoors than out! Luckily, temps will be cooling off this weekend, so I’ll get my yams and squash baked up. Praying the rain really does come this weekend, too.

This evening I did not feel up to cooking, so I had a banana split for dinner! I added one of my healthy cookies, Kind brand (non-dairy) ice cream, and hot chocolate sauce. Delicious! I’ll have some greens for my bedtime snack.

Here is a work in progress. Do you also have piles of paper that you don’t know what to do with? I decided to use up some old invoices, blacking out personal data with a marker. I covered the pages with images torn from magazines, painter’s masking paper, and one image that I downloaded from a Gi Kerr giveaway, overlapping the edges of the paper so that they are more sturdy. I will need to add embellishments to cover up some text that I don’t care for, and will finish and bind tomorrow. The cover is a fun piece of designer paper from my stash. EnJoy!