My Year of Wild Art: Day Ninety-One

Today it was HOT! And tomorrow it will reach 90º. Hard to believe we had hail and rain (and snow in some places) just a couple of weeks ago! What is the weather like wherever you live?

I finally forced myself to dust off the blades on my two ceiling fans; I stood on my bed to clean one (with a sheet on top to catch the dust) and used my stepladder to reach the fan in my living room.  I also vacuumed all the floors, and the maintenance guy came to blow and rake leaves and other debris on my patio. Sadly, he was not paying attention to my plants and the leaves on my Amaryllis got badly damaged and bent. Sorry, plant!

This evening I created 3 little pockets from book pages, inspired by Pam of the Paper Outpost. I decorated and added tags in one; the other two are ready for embellishing another day. EnJoy!