My Year of Wild Art: Day Sixty-Six

I began the day with a zoom gathering with the Co-Creation Community Conversations. We got to share, in groups of two, a significant turning point in our art (or other) lives, and later did an exercise to think outside the box and write out ways to expand our passion. For me, that includes finding a bigger home with separate art studio, where I can have different “stations” for things such as cutting, pasting, sewing and so forth, and all of my art supplies and tools neatly organized in one room. Expanding my passion includes finding someone to be my marketing manager/ virtual assistant, and someone else to videograph me doing tutorials, so that I can add another dimension to offer my followers. My expanded art vision includes a gallery and classroom, with many students attending my playshops. I desire to sell my around the world, spreading joy and delight with my creations. I’m seeking others to collaborate with, too. What are some ways you can expand your own passion, whatever that may be?


It starts tomorrow! I’m running a contest from May 1st to the 30th. In order to particpate for the drawing on the 31st, you must:
1) Be over the age of 18
2) subscribe here to my YouTube channel (if you’ve not already)
3) like, comment on and share at least 5 videos
4) invite at least 3 friends to also subcribe to my channel and to like and comment on at least 5 videos.

Please tell your friends to write in the comments that you referred that person. The subscriber who invites the most new subscribers and posts the most comments and shares will be the winner. Important note: I will only see that someone subscribes if they make that public. Be sure to click on the bell icon, too, so you get notices of new videos. Thanks for helping me grow my channel!

This afternoon I decorated and embellished the little paper bag envelope that I created yesterday. EnJoy!