An Exciting Idea! Please Respond

I just had the brilliant idea of offering a subscription plan for a monthly journal that I make! I would offer 3 options:
a tiny notebook for writing down your gratitudes; a larger journal for more extensive writing, or a variety of different journals each month. There would be 3 different price points for the subscriptions, too.

These journals would consist mostly of blank pages for writing on– at least 32 pages – though I would include embellishments and possibly a few pockets or tuck spots for additional cards or tags to write or draw on.

What do you think? Would you be interested in a monthly subscription? If so, please comment below AND fill out the form on this page, so that I may email you with the details. I plan to open this offfer on Wednesday May 4th.

Here are photo examples of the different journal sizes, to give you an idea.  Thanks for responding!