My Year of Wild Art: Day Sixty-One

An art group that I’m in is running a fun game, where we answer a question each day for 12 days, and earn “currency” to spend on goodies in celebration of the 1st anniversary of the group. Today’s challenge was to decorate an envelope in under 10 minutes. Hah!

I decorated this envelope with lovely Christmas papers from Stamperia, and made a tuck spot on the front. I cut out a printed shape that I’d glued to red paper for a tag to go in it– and then that tag DISAPPEARED!!! I kid you not. I looked all over my desk several times–even cleared it of scraps and cleaned off the glue stains– searched the trash, looked all around the room, nada. I think the dang house fairies hid the tag, and they haven’t given it back! SUPER annoying! Anyhow, I finally broke down and made another tag for the front of the envelope. I will say the 10-minute time frame was too short for me; it took nearly that long just for all the fussy cutting and gluing! Not counting the time for the card I had to make to go inside the envelope, and the time spent searching for the missing item…. Anyhow, here it is. EnJoy!

2 thoughts on “My Year of Wild Art: Day Sixty-One

  1. Aw ridiculously cute. I know what you are saying when things just disappear. It’s so aggravating. Plus, I honestly believe the gravitational pull of the earth in my craft room is stronger than anywhere else. Things fall on the floor all the time and they travel so far away you can’t find them. So, you must get down on your hands and knees and 75% of the time, it’s still not in sight. Makes me nuts. My husband laughs at me but it’s true. Gravity is not my friend…and apparently not yours either. But wonderful job.


    • hahahaha! Thanks for the laughs! Yes, I did get down on the floor, but it wasn’t there! Turns out the tag was on top of the cabinet that holds my computer (up high, so I stand when I type), hidden behind things….. Next time I’ll check there again when something wanders!


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