My Year of Wild Art: Day Fifty-Nine

This was one of those days wherein I did not seem to get much accomplished. However, a friend came over around 4 pm and we spent time talking, walking, eating a yummy dinner, and sharing poetry of Rabindranath Tagore and Hafiz. We also sang and danced a Sufi dance together, and sang along to a recording of another. What a lovely afternoon and evening!

After my friend left, I added some tiny seashells to the front of the Ocean Blues folio I made the other day, and decided to make a collage/charm from an empty tea bag! I layered natural (unbleached) cheesecloth, a scrap of linen, and a sticker from the Botanical Tea collection that I had adhered to cardstock. I stitched the ribbon loop together, then glued it into the opening of the tea bag and took a couple of cross stitches to hold it in place.

I also tacked the center of the layers down before covering with the bird sticker, and I sewed the ribbon rose and the bits of lace in top left corner, too, as glue was not sufficient to secure these elements. I did use E-6000 to glue the pearl in the center of the lace flower. I also decided to glue another tea bag to the back of the collage to cover up stitches and give it all more strength. I want to make more of these now! EnJoy!