My Year of Wild Art: Day Fifty-Six

Today I set myself some tasks: to finish one UFO (Unfinished Fiber Object), to use up two items from my stash of boxes, and to work on a pocket letter for a swap I’m participating in.  I did some tasks, omitted one and added two others! (I did work on the pocket letter but won’t show it until I’ve sent it to my partner.)

First, I wanted to use an empty almond milk container, and attempted to cut the sides down so I would have an even edge for making another container. However, the bottom does not lie flat and it was difficult to make each side the same height! So I gave that idea up and took the carton apart, instead. Evened up the edges and decided to make an accordian folder, with room for writing inside. I have to find some of my tiny seashells to embellish it with.

Next, I borrowed an idea from the book, Layered, Tattered and Stitched by Ruth Rae. She showed how to make a gift wrap by stitching some music paper between two layers of wax paper. Mine is not quite big enough to wrap anything, so I may use it for a pocket in a journal. I also made a tiny collage using scraps of paper and an empty tea bag that I cut and opened out.

My last project was to sew a small bag from some scraps of a very thick, felted wool sweater. I stitched the seams with four strands of crewel embroidery yarn, then stitched a pink heart in the center front with thicker wool yarn. EnJoy!