My Year of Wild Art: Day Forty-Nine

Today a friend came over for tea and cookies, after which we took a short walk. It’s chilly again, which feels good! We’re due for more rain from tomorrow through the end of the week, as well. Finally!

This evening I created another tissue box pocket; the pattern on the box reminds me of clouds, so I only covered up the back and inside of the pocket. Added some butterflies, ribbon and flat back pearls to the front and the card inside, then decided that was enough.

I also made another mini file folder with a card inside, both of which tuck into the rose collage that I glued into the scrap journal I’m creating. This will be a very bulkly journal when it’s done, even though I’m removing some pages as I go. EnJoy!

2 thoughts on “My Year of Wild Art: Day Forty-Nine

  1. Ah…I love fairies. And those flowers are so pretty. Perfect combo.
    You are inspiring me to start a blog like this. WordPress seems complicated though. I might resort to blogger. We’ll see. I’m working on Writer’s Junk Journal…a door prize of sorts for OWFI’s (Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc) yearly conference. Yes, I’m a member of the Federation. LOL. In the journal are quotes, prompts, cartoons, and a bit of inspiration. I need a place to post my ideas. I better hurry…it’s almost done, and the conference is the first weekend in May.

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    • Thank you! WordPress (dot com) is actually quite easy to use, and I liked it best when I was first looking at blog platforms. Very user-friendly. Plus I like that I can make the home page static so it doubles as my website. Have fun with the journal and the conference in May!


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