My Year of Wild Art: Day Forty-Seven

Today I made another bag from a torn grocery bag with string handles; this just has one handle now. The image is on a pair of paper napkins I got at an event years ago and ironed onto freezer paper. Finally found a use for them! Front and back are the same.
The first half-napkin I used tore when I was rubbing it down to adhere the glue; luckily I had 3 more pieces to work with! I cut each half of the napkins down to size, but didn’t get them to line up exactly so I’m not happy with the edges. I did apply Mod Podge to seal the napkins, but I don’t think I want to work with them any more, too fragile. I suppose I could have applied the MP before attaching napkin to bag, had I thought of that!
The purple ribbon with sequins was in my stash; the skelton is a single earring someone gave me, missing one arm. EnJoy!

Dio de los Muertos Bag

2 thoughts on “My Year of Wild Art: Day Forty-Seven

  1. What a great question! Yes, I used only the top layer of the napkin, and ironed it to the freezer paper to give the napkin strenght and durability. Freezer paper has a plastic coating on one side, which sticks to whatever you iron on it. Unfortunately, the napkin surface is still delicate, so next time I’ll coat with Mod Podge or another fixative before gluing the napkins onto a bag or journal page.

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  2. You ironed them to freezer paper? What did that do? Do they adhere to freezer paper? I know you can iron them to other kinds of paper if you put Saran Wrap between them. (You must be sure to only use the top layer of the napkin). But how do you and why freezer paper/


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