My Year of Wild Art: Day Forty-Three

Today I decided to start using up some of the empty tissue boxes that I save for art projects. My artist colleague Natasa of Treasure Books has a video with a slew of things one can make out of tissue boxes, so I used the first example as my project for today. I had thought I might make a few different projects, but this one took longer than anticipated.

So the box was cut open to lie flat, end flaps cut away, and I left the opening intact to make a window pocket that holds a bookmark. The widest section inside the two side doors had a fold, so I added another layer of card cut from a frozen pizza box to the inside, to cover up the seam and prevent it from bending.

Several pockets and tuck spots provide space to hold two booklets and some little folded tags to write or draw on. The doors did not lie flat with just the ties in the middle, so I decided to tie it closed top and bottom, as well. I am quite delighted with this little folio! EnJoy!