My Year of Wild Art: Day Forty-One

Today I went to have a stress-test; my heart is sound and in beautiful shape, I’m happy to report! I even got to see pictures of and hear her beating! Hurray! I expected no less.

This evening I gave a speech for my Artists of Toastmasters club, on the subject of this art challenge. I encourage everyone to be gentle with themselves if they can’t produce something on a given day, or if feeling blocked. Our Inner Artists thrive with love, encouragement and praise, so if all you can do is paint one inch on your canvas, or write three sentences of your novel, that counts! That is praise-worthy and deserves applause! I have experienced several days along my journey so far when I simply could not come up with something new, so I wrote about that and shared a photo of something I created in the past. That counts, too. Be kind and loving to yourself and your artist will thrive!

This evening’s creation is another mini file folder, inspired by Pam of the Paper Outpost. EnJoy!

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