My Year of Wild Art: Day Thirty-Six

Today I learned that an local acquaintance of mine, whom I’ve not seen in over two years, has fairly advanced Alzheimer’s, and does not have the financial resources for long-term assisted living in a memory-care facility. Another friend has taken on overseeing his care and making what arrangements she can; the man has no family and is on Medical, so the options are limited. Very sad! If you’re able, make sure you set aside funds for your own elder care when the time comes, and if you have family, be sure to enlist them for help if they can. Sending love to all who have health challenges of any sort!

Today I added a word to the front of my Dream Album and finished embellishing the spine. Getting closer to the end now, and can hardly wait to show off the whole album! This is the first time I’ve ever shared the progress of making a journal. I hope you’ve enjoyed the pages.