My Year of Wild Art: Day Twenty-Nine

I started my day by attending an online presentation about the air scrubber technology that I promote; it was a good session and I have two potential customers. Woot!

This evening a friend came for dinner, always welcome and lovely. He gave me some good insights into finding ways to inspire myself to take action toward my goals. The key question was, what motivates you? Some of my answers are joy/excitement/passion; self care/health/safety; peace of mind; curiosity. What motivates You?

Tonight I was motivated by joy and fun to create this little notebook. I made the cover a long time ago from a coffee mug sleeve; today I added some pages to write on and a couple of pockets that hold different sized tags, which can also be written or drawn on. EnJoy!


One thought on “My Year of Wild Art: Day Twenty-Nine

  1. Mostly what motivates me is revenge. Awww….just kidding. I am one who works better under pressure. Well, to a point. Recently, my writer’s group decided to do an anthology of short stories and poems with the theme of the seasons. I honestly started out a bit panicked because I had no starting point in my head but after a day or two, I produced an idea and after that, i was no longer feeling the pressure. I’d like to think I treat everyone the same, but I am sure that is not so. There are people who need something from you. They say “jump” and you say, “how high.”: And there are people who say “jump” and you say, “Sure when I get to it.” Your interest in the task plays a key role in your motivation. I haven’t gotten far on my taxes, but I’ve created a bunch of ephemera for my junk (what do you call them?) journals. But eventually, I’ll sit down and hammer out those tings that need my attention.


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