My Year of Wild Art: Day Thirteen

I did not know how challening it would be to actually create something every day, and be consistent! I went to get a treatment from my chiropractor, then shopped for groceries and picked up some books at a Little Free Library near me.

Had a very early dinner, then got on my Artists of Toastmasters Virtual Tea Party at 5:30. That was fun! I gave a brief history of tea, shared some excerpts from my unpublished cookbook, and showed off my teapot collection. (I now have 10! See photo below–I forgot one in the arrangement)

I also spent over an hour sorting through piles of paper on my desk, tossing things and organizing in my search for 2 particular documents, which never did show up. Ack! So it was very late when I suddenly remembered that I had not created anything and I was needing something quick and easy again.

I decided to make another collage from paper scraps and bits and bobs; it’s a little weird and I kind of like it. What do you think? The silver circle in upper left is the seal from a jug of almond drink; I washed and dried it, then cut the outer edge with pinking shears. EnJoy!