My Year of Wild Art: Day Ten

I took my car to my mechanic to find out where the new oil drip is coming from (he just did 2 big repairs for that!), but he could not tell without de-greasing everything. So I’ll go back next week when he can power wash and find the source of the leak. Sigh.

Other excitement for today: we had a thunderstorm with lots of hail! Quite wild and loud! Fortunately the power stayed on, and the storm was short-lived.

I was able to purchase extra miles and pay for my plane ticket today, check! Now I’m raising funds for the rest of my trip to North Carolina, and would appreciate any and all sales or donations. Check out my boutique here and my GoFundMe campaign on this link.

Here is my little creation for today, a sweet notebook to put into the Dream journal I’m building. EnJoy!