My Year of Wild Art: Day Two

I have heat again! The nice fellow from the power company, who lights my heater’s pilot every Fall (I turn it off in late Spring), came over and re-lit the pilot and the heat went on again. Thank you Goddess! It’s been very cold these past few nights, with lows in the upper 20s! Brrrr.

I’m reading a great book that one of my sisters gave me for my birthday, called 365 Thank Yous, by John Kralik. In the book the author uses the practice of sending hand-written thank you notes to many people in his life, ultimately turning his life around. It sounds a great practice! One that I will implement myself, though not necessarily one a day. I do, however, send many thank you notes via email and messages.

I’m inspired to thank all those who have subscribed to this fun art project already and commented on my posts, and to all those who have yet to join. Your willingness to join me and to write comments are very much appreciated and lift my spirits. Thank you!

I finally got down to my creation of the day this evening. It’s the first page of my new little journal, which will be attached to a binding page when all the rest are completed. Stay tuned for more pages!

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2 thoughts on “My Year of Wild Art: Day Two

  1. I especially love that butterfly on/in your creation! And thanks for sharing what you were reading.

    At the new year, I made a list of individuals and groups of people I wanted to be sure knew how much I appreciated them. The list was kind if overwhelming but so far I have been able to send an appreciation note of some kind to at least one person per day. Handwritten notes are ideal. However, for now, a mix of physical cards and electronic communications of appreciation are ok.


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