Memory Albums for Mom – Mother’s Day Gifts

Treasured Memories, photographs, meaningful moments

These beautiful mini albums from Fiber Fancies are such a lovely gift to honor the special women in your life. I love creating meaningful gifts for loved ones that they will treasure for years to come.  Each album is a one of a kind work of art that you can personalize for your gift recipient–or maybe you want to treat yourself to one to record all of your special moments!  Each album is made with fun and whimsical pretty pockets, papers, inserts, extra cards, and other surprises, which make the album perfect for customization. 


These mini albums are just gorgeous when given as is, but if you’d like to create a special memory album for Mom, here are some ideas:

 Pasting special photographs in the album, or on the backs of the special album inserts

Journaling a few memories of Mum or the family, and leaving blank pages for her to add to it

Jotting down special poems or quotes that remind you of her

Writing down songs you remember her singing to you, or favorite books she may have read 

Love letters or words of appreciation (you could even seal one in an envelope and tuck it in one of the album pockets as a surprise). Even more meaningful–have different family members (siblings, grandchildren, spouse) write surprise letters to tuck into the album for mom to find

Include little mementos in the pockets if you wish. An event ticket from the past, pressed flowers, a special charm, and so forth

Let your imagination go wild, and have fun creating! Mum will be so pleased when you present a lovely memory album to her.

To see video of the albums so you can get a glimpse at the interior goodies, such as papers, tags and pockets, go to this page:

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